Sylvie IS yoga! Of all the yoga classes I have attended in my life, nothing compares to this. She is especially gifted at including ancient yogic wisdom into all of her classes. You really feel as though you experience something profound at each and every class. Aislinn Stirling – Canada

Sylvie is a master practitioner, amazing teacher and beautiful soul. Tyler Rentmeister – Canada

Sylvie is an extraordinary teacher of yoga. Even after years of practice, I find it difficult to find anyone to rival her dynamic and vibrant style. She is authentic and shares asana practice from a place of great experience and knowledge - but in terms of physical practice and philosophy. It is safe to say she has a deeply embedded place of leadership amongst those I go to for teachings. Wonderful, wonderful woman. Remarkable, remarkable yogi. Dinesha Mendis – England

Sylvie Boisclair is not only an amazing teacher but also an amazing person! Her integrity & style as a teacher and a person are traits of a real person and thus teacher! Wished I lived nearby as I would definitely be there every day taking your classes. Thank you for being my teacher at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas! You impacted upon me the value of being true to myself both as a practitioner and as a teacher. Thank you.....namaste! OM. 
Yvette Padilla – SA

I met Sylvie at the Sivananda ashram in the Bahamas and she made my whole experience. I'll never forget what she taught me - to go all the way in to the practice, to my Self. 
Erika Vetra – Texas, USA

Anyone who practices with her is blessed! Honesty, encouragement and support were only a few of the things that Sylvie provided me with during my yoga teacher training. Her instruction has left me with a lifetime of lessons and wonderful memories. Sylvie displays the power of example through her teaching, her dedication and her passion for yoga!
Brandon Reazin – USA

Saraswatiji/Sylvie is a yogi by example and an extraordinarily intuitive, firm and gentle, deeply knowledgeable teacher who makes you feel you can do anything in a yoga class - without judgment and with acceptance. Rarely do you find an advanced yoga teacher of her caliber who also maintains both humility and strength. I am grateful for her guidance and teachings and can't wait to see her/be taught by her again soon! 
Angely Peace- Ottawa, Canada

Sylvie is an amazing teacher. I’m practicing for many years and during my TTC training Sylvie was my teacher. She taught me all the asanas as if I never practiced before. I put my ego aside and practiced as a beginner. Today I understand why she demanded this from me...
Ingrid Grunstein Kruttner – Israel

What an amazing gift she has! Saraswati Sylvie was my Hatha yoga teacher for my teacher training and I loved it so much. She is an amazing, thorough, precise, enthusiastic, devoted, and inspiring teacher. I met Sylvie back in May 2014, in the Bahamas during my Sivananda TTC. She was our asana teacher, and I found the experience to be nothing but amazing. She is graceful, authentic, wise, and so very talented. She is a person I hold in high regard, and appreciate her wisdom. She is an amazing teacher with a heart of gold, and her love for yoga is obvious to those around her. 
Laura Fraser - Canada

Amazingly inspiring and passionate teacher. I learnt so many great things whilst on and off the mat during my yoga teacher training. Her teaching goes beyond the physical side of yoga and it flows into the way she is and the grace she brings to her teaching.
Rhian Davies– London 

I have been studying yoga for many years with many different instructors but I always consider Sylvie to be my yogi. She is the most present, intuitive yoga instructor I have ever had the honor of taking class with. Her classes become my personal sanctuary and allow me to focus on what I need that day at that time with no judgement. She draws knowledge from anatomy and her extensive movement background to create an incredible experience that cannot be replicated. She provides her students with a gentle, safe environment that includes and embraces all levels and abilities. Her mentors that have taken the Yoga Teacher Training embody this knowledge, intuition, presence and beauty. I highly recommend Sylvie Boisclair’s Do Something yoga.

Sylvie was one of my first yoga teachers and I fell in love with the practice after studying under her. She is so good at supporting new learners and challenging advanced students, all in the same class. And she bring a wonderful sense of humour every day. 
Caroline Cox – Canada

Sylvie Boisclair is an inspiration! Her energy and attention make every class personal. She makes it easy and fun for people of all fitness levels. She is the most patient and skillful instructor. I was lucky to have her as my instructor while seeking my yoga teacher certification and I fell in luv with her. Very kind hearted person. She offers a great clean space for clarity, peace of mind body and, practice. Thank you. Blessings. 
Leisha Smith – USA

My friend, my teacher, my inspiration. Thank you for all the teachings, all the talks, all the great advice. You have the ability to help people go further than they ever thought possible. Keep on shining and spreading the yoga love! 
Mark Hanuman Geraghty – Mexico 

Sylvie's knowledge and passion for yoga is extremely evident in everything she does, both on and off the mat. She is a gifted teacher who cares deeply about her students and about building a strong and informed yoga community. If you ever get the opportunity to study with Sylvie, it will change your life. 
Dawna Marriot – Canada 

Some yoga instructors are amazing yogis. Some are master teachers. Some are compassionate people. Some are wise women. Sylvie Boisclair is all of these. I have been lucky enough to study with her twice and I can honestly say that I would not even know who I am without her. If you have a chance to study with her, take it. Daniel Ward-Packard – US

I am a yoga teacher and have been studying yoga for many years with many different teachers and in many different places, but I have to say that Sylvie is the real deal: She is the most knowledgeable, intuitive, wise, dedicated, present, professional yoga teacher I ever had. She is also humble, gentle, loving, generous, and fun! She is a gift and a blessing to anyone that gets to have her as her teacher. I can never have enough of her teachings, inspiration, guidance and energy.
Fernanda Sathya Beccaglia – USA 

I attended Sylvie’s Midnight Sun Yoga TTC in 2015 and it has been a life changing experience for me. The impact of the course was so profound that I am still processing it up to today. I had registered the program simply to gain more knowledge about Yoga, knowing Sylvie, a well-known Yoga instructor in YK, would be the right person to guide me into the door. The course exceeded this expectation tremendously and what it really offered was a way to understand and live life. Sylvie as a fabulous course director and the main instructor, faithfully and meticulously transmitted the wisdom carried all the way from thousands of years ago, the wisdom that meant to be spread out. The program, led by a group of yoga instructors with different specialties, musicians, dietitians, tapped into my deep self and 21 days opened my heart, mind and body and fueled me with the enough energy to launch the healthier and more mindful lifestyle. Sylvie, the other teachers, together with the students create an environment where we were able to immerse into the magical world based on the profound processing and rebuilding. No ceremony, arrangement, or activity was delivered without careful planning and serving the ultimate goal of the program. The students soon gained great respect to this beautiful opportunity and embrace it. There was no way to complete the curse without intensive concentration. It was a serious commitment. The Midnight Sun Yoga TTC 2015 is not a course, is a start. I wish I could join again. 
Xiaoyi Yan – Canada

Hatha Yoga Experience Sylvie is an outstanding Yoga instructor.  She has a true understanding of the human body enabling her to see where adjustments will help, the ability to clearly communicate and a nuanced understanding of yoga.  What makes her truly exceptional is that her teaching flows from a deep core that is truly yogic.  You leave her class with so much more than a fitness experience.  This is a genuine hatha yoga experience. 
Barbara Leaf Stewart, co-author of Chair Yoga for You

Do Something! Be prepared for Sylvie to DO SOMETHING! to your world. Her knowledge and passion for yoga is extremely evident in her teachings, both on and off the mat. I attended Sylvie’s 2016 Yoga Teacher Training and my life will never be the same. Sylvie’s patient guidance, love of yoga and her students, as well as her desire to build a strong yoga community, not only taught me so much more about yoga than I had anticipated, but also about myself.  If you ever get a chance to study with Sylvie, please do not pass up the opportunity… the knowledge and passion she will pass on to you will truly change your life. 
Dawna Marriott – Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

The privilege to study with Sylvie I recently spent time at the Sivananda ashram in the Bahamas, the first of hopefully many journeys in this beautiful lineage of yogic practice. During my stay I studied and practiced with Saraswati Sylvie Boisclair, a privilege and a gift that I will keep with me throughout my own practice and teaching. I have been in love with yoga for many years and have followed many teachers. Every so often I meet someone who resonates deeply with me and with what I believe; I had this connection with Saraswati. She expresses a fierce love for yoga with an honest sense of humor and a true desire to help others understand the practice. I was so inspired by her energy! I would be thrilled to be half as effective as a teacher as I saw that she is. I can’t wait to study with Saraswati again, for more time. Thank you so much for sharing your love for this practice! 
Erica Vetra – Austin TX -November 2013

In Praise of Sylvie Boisclair I was introduced to a teacher par excellence when I attended a Teacher Renewal Week at Sivananda Yoga Ashram Retreat Centre on Paradise Island in the Bahamas late November 2013. I had next to no knowledge of yoga when I did my Teacher Training at this place of hard work and was approaching my sixtieth birthday, some eight years ago.  The way I had navigated through my life was forever altered after this experience. Sylvie was asked to fill in for the scheduled teachers who had to cancel a day before the course was to begin due to health issues.  She assumed this task with grace and professionalism; had I not been informed I would never had known; she said nothing, simply took on the task at hand. The moment she began to teach it was evident her passion for yoga permeated her being; it was a way of life.  Sylvie is a wealth of knowledge in all things related to the Sivananda way of teaching:  its core spiritual principles, pranayama, (breathing, which is crucial to the practice) and the brilliantly designed asana program.  Her personality is contagious and enhances her teaching skills.   She glides across the platform with the grace of the dancer she is, teaching, encouraging, demonstrating, always laced with her animated joie de vivre.  She is as true example of what she teaches; she shines.  My life has once again been altered after this week of brilliance with Sylvie.  Thank you, muchas gracias et merci bien.
Donna M. Larkin - Chance Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada & Punta Negra, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Sylvie's passion Every so often you meet someone who breathes a new kind of energy into your soul and ignites whatever passions you already have and sets them on fire. Sylvie does just that. Her knowledge of yoga runs deep and is incorporated into every aspect of her classes and is further reflected in her choices, actions, and words-- whether during a professional moment or a casual, friendly interaction. Sylvie has clearly internalized the healing benefits of the science of yoga to such a degree that it’s an honor to listen and learn from her. Sitting in one of her classes, I once listened to her speak with great respect and a sense of awe toward connecting with everything her Swami said, and I wondered, does she know how many of her students sit in her very classes thinking the very same thing about her? I have no doubt I’m not alone in celebrating and holding onto what I’ve learned from her, long after the classes are over. 
Jessica Benoit, Massachusetts, USA

About Sylvie...I came to her with a good yoga practice--she made it better. I came to her with injuries--she showed me how to modify my practice (& show myself compassion) and so I healed and became stronger. She's the real deal... Leading by example, showing the way to health, strength, and laughter. She's relatable, funny, and dedicated to her students' development. To know her is to love her. Her teaching methods are authentic and effective. Experienced practitioners find how much farther they can go, and beginners are shown a way of life they may never have dreamed of. I can hardly convey my appreciation for her gifts and guidance. She has convinced me that health is wealth, and I am growing rich with her help. A true friend and teacher. Thank you Sylvie, I'll never forget what you've done for me. Bravo!
Omkar Vitale – Nassau

Feeling a warm welcome for a beginner As a beginner in yoga practice, I was very comfortable with Sarawasti's teaching. There was no pressure to 'bend over backwards' and absolutely go into the more challenging positions such as the headstand. Though I consider myself fit, as a 62 year old, I felt a warm welcome and was very much at ease in her class. 
Nadia Abdelahad – Toronto, Canada (2011)

Life changing...Sylvie's dedication and passion for Yoga changed my life. I was introduced to Yoga thru her founded Yoga Center in Yellowknife. I am now a lifetime yogi who will never see life in the same way. I can breath, relax and be happy, Thank you Sylvie. I am very fortunate to have Sylvie crossed my life path. She is a lifelong Yogi who I will always admire. She is dedicated, strong and true, that for me is a great Yoga Teacher. Sylvie is a true Yogi, she believes in it and is dedicated to it. She has introduced yoga to numerous now Yoga teachers in Yellowknife. She is changing people’s lives thru her passion and teachings. Thank you Sylvie! Catherine, Yoga Teacher – Yellowknife, Canada 

Attention and interest in student's progress What makes a great Yoga Teacher?  In my opinion, and after several years of practice as a student, the following key qualities (and virtues) should be found in great Yoga instructor: Relentless enthusiasm and optimism, clear verbal instructions, thorough knowledge of the Asanas (of course), someone who can modify the practice to suit your (physical) needs, attention and interest in the progress of the student; and last, but not least, compassion and devotion (since, after all, Yoga is a spiritual practice for many of us). As an ex-student of Saraswati at the Sivananda Ashram in Bahamas, I believe she possesses all (and many more) of the qualities and virtues mentioned before. She is someone who, for sure, will guide anyone to a successful practice and will make you fall in love with Yoga!  
Shambhavi (Romina) Stutman – New York (2011)

Availability is key I am full of gratitude and feel extremely fortunate to have studied under the compassionate care of Sylvie Saraswati Boisclair. I participated in the May 2011 yoga teacher training at the Sivananda Ashram in Nassau, Bahamas. Saraswati is a gifted, enthusiastic and knowledgeable yoga practitioner. She is an extremely patient and light hearted teacher and most importantly she is a lot of fun! She has a gigantic smile which I saw every moment of my training, she made herself completely available to the class for whatever we needed whether it was extra help with the postures that we were learning or the advancement and fine tuning of more challenging yoga asana, or to just hang out and relax for a minute! Her high energy and positive attitude helped me keep a higher energy and a more positive attitude while processing through some quite challenging, spiritual and physical ‘stuff’ that I needed to process through while I emerged myself into this yoga training. I wish I could practice with her every day!! I look forward to studying with her again someday!!! 
Jennifer Malozzi – New Haven, USA

Spirituality with ease I will never forget the first time I met Sylvie Boisclair. I walked into the studio and my attention was immediately drawn to her beautiful, shining, presence. She looked up, smiled at me, and then shook my hand as though we were old friends.  Her eyes seemed to say, “Welcome to yoga. Don’t worry, you’ve been ready for this your whole life.” At that time I had been practicing yoga on-and-off for about six years and, although I always enjoyed my practice, there was an element of spirituality that I was longing for.  Sylvie brought this for me. She introduced yoga as a way of life rather than physical exercise. And yet the physical aspect is very present in her classes. She knows how to push her students just the right amount to take them to the next level without straining.  This is a gift that I have rarely found in other teachers.  The amount of knowledge and dedication Sylvie has to her practice and to her students is phenomenal.  When she is teaching a class it is with her whole being and everyone in the class can feel it. Students leave Sylvie’s classes smiling at each other with a shared sense of having experienced something wonderful and sacred. Meeting Sylvie has forever changed my yoga practice and for that I am eternally grateful. Yellowknife is truly blessed to have her teachings. 
Jahliele Paquin – Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, December 2013

Clear instructions Saraswati Boisclair is an outstanding teacher. Her instruction is clear and concise. She weaves in yogic philosophy while encouraging you to do your best. Her voice is strong, yet gentle. I totally enjoyed her classes while I was in the Bahamas, if fact, I'd have taken all of her classes, if I could have. 
Erin Kelly – Springfield, Massachussets, USA

Genuine and selfless Saraswati Sylvie is by far the most inspiring yoga teacher I have had the pleasure of learning and practising with.  She genuinely and effortlessly embodies all paths of yoga: selflessness, devotion, practice, and knowledge and wisdom.  Saraswati is profoundly experienced, in everything that is evidently yoga-related, and all else that may not, at first glance — appear to be related.  She brings a much needed and wonderful sense of humour and humanity to the practice. She is also very understanding, subtle, and simple. Mostly, she is ever so inspiring.  
I have practiced yoga for over ten years now, and I feel I have learnt much more through her teaching over just a few years than I have through many more years of study with other practitioners and teachers.   Clément Éric Demers – Yellowknife/Montréal, Canada

ON MY JOURNEY...What moves us into action? I ask!
What is it that calls us to action? What is it?! Perhaps yes, words spoken
Perhaps yes, music played, perhaps yes, dance danced.
Whatever it may be, walking barefooted, on the beach....... could be 
Talking, singing, dancing......randomly...... could be. With no rhyme nor reason......could be
A chant...OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. A mantra…OM
Joyful, selfless Yoga; Washing pots and pan..."yeah" Such memories, gone, passed 
Yet not forgotten...
Of a mother, a father, a friend, a teacher
A child's cry & laughter; Of smiling eyes;
A curt but sweet remark; A firm but gentle touch;
A hug; Maybe even a twinkle.
Energy, yes, energy moves us into action
a thought, a seed planted and nurtured daily...perhaps daily yes, daily.
So we move, so we become, the beating of our hearts...
And, so it is that on my 'journey' I came to meet this person; this teacher Who talks the talk
And, who walks the walk No strings attached
Just simply a 'being' intent and content
Who exudes love thru action Through teaching...
You are quite an exemplary 'teacher', Saraswati/Sylvie True to your calling.
May I meet many more as you...Yes, 'less is more'.
I can only hope and thrive to find your peace-ful-ness 
Walking lightly in the sand; Moving effortlessly through space;
Holding perfectly still in a moving into sweat; only intent and soul!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul.
God bless, namaste,
Yvette Padilla (From the June 2012 Workshops I, II, & III/Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas)

Compassionate and caring teacher I had the pleasure of completing the TTC in the Bahamas under the guidance of Sylvie Boisclair in May 2011. Sylvie is by far one of the most compassionate and caring teachers. She will guide you to your goals by listening and working on your individual strengths. Under the care of Sylvie, I was in Headstand within a day! 
Hellen Narayani Kostamis – Montreal, Quebec.