I’m all about movement – moving the body, moving the mind, moving the soul, moving away, moving the community around me. Movement has been the guiding force of my life.
bigFou is everything that has served me since my first breath.
What’s your bigFou?
— Sylvie Boisclair

True-life in sequence bio

Daughter. Dancer. Student. Tae Kwon do enthusiast. Ballerina. Wanderer. Dreamer. Mother. Rap event promoter. Wellness coach. University Graduate. Lover. Event organizer. Teacher. Dancer.

1961: Birth, dance begins shortly after 

1969: Ballet begins 

1974: Everybody was kung fu fighting and so was I

1978: Love of ballet came back with great intensity. Full time ballerina in training.

1982: Ballet abruptly cut off because I don’t fit the mold.  

1983: Stumbles upon The Police.  Brush with celebrity. Watch the video  

1985: Dance jig and other dances from fourteen different countries with Québec’s Folk Dancing Company. 

1987: Teach Ballet in Haïti

1989: Motherhood ♥My rendez-vous with true love. 

1991: BA in cultural activity leadership and organize first Rap Festival in Montréal. Morph into a focused and solitary single mom. 

1992: Organize 3 Rap Festivals in Montréal. The National Film Board makes a documentary out of my community engagement watch a section here

1999: Advanced graduate diploma in Management completed

2000: Move to Yellowknife, NWT, Canada with my son– Close to the Arctic circle to fulfill the need for change, get a real job and find love.

2002: Take a month long yoga teacher training course at the Bahamas Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat. At last, at forty, I find my people. 

2004: Open the first Yoga centre in Yellowknife and travel to teach Yoga. 

2011: Start to dance Butoh.